Rebecca Hare - Learning Space Design

Rebecca Hare speaks about learning space design at the uLead Conference 2019.
In this episode we feature a session from uLead 2019 about Learning Space Design with Rebecca Hare. 

After a decade in Italy as a design consultant and creative director, Rebecca became fascinated with education. The young designers she hired, she found, struggled with problem-solving and critical thinking. She returned to the U.S. to study education and built on her BFA in Industrial Design. Her Master's thesis focused on Design Thinking and evaluating and enhancing creativity through the study of design and art. Now, Rebecca is an art and design teacher with Clayton Public Schools in St. Louis. She's also a learning space designer and co-author of the book: The Space: A Guide for Educators. She has worked with a number of schools to collaboratively design learning spaces and experiences that enhance student learning, agency and making thinking visible.

For more information on Rebecca, please visit her website or follow her on Twitter.

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Rebecca Hare - Learning Space Design
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